I was destined to have this huge love of the Arts.

The colorful circus train just had one track and I was on it.

In fact my mother used to say "I wasn't just born, I came marching in following the band!"......and I always had my head in the clouds, according to her......

no chance at being an engineer ....or a banker.....tee hee.

There was no doubt that my life constantly stimulated my senses.

I was born during the tumultuous time of Indonesia's Independence from the Colonial Dutch regime which had all of the glamour and large lifestyles where we, a family of six kids, had the freedom to really play outside the box and what's more......think it was very normal. Raised in a very international environment, by two eccentric, bigger than life, crazy fun parents, I was constantly encouraged to be the family entertainment nugget.
I loved to I be the center of attention and I was not shy...duh....those who know me are nodding their heads furiously .....and I loved to laugh and make people laugh.

My life was a big bright painting.

I remember wanting to be an actress by the time I performed in my first play, as one of the seven dwarves, at age three. The costumes, the makeup,the colors, the music.....every detail electrified my visual senses. It helped that my mother made the costumes and her best friend directed it. However my mother was rather quiet, but she knew how to fan my 'story telling' flame. Yet it was my father who told magnificent stories with great panache and drama. He was playful and flirtatious and I loved to be like him!

Nothing was ordinary, yet to me everything was normal! Seeing my first French circus in Holland at age 5, exploded the horizons of my imagination and there it was;

Aha.....yep...I was going to be a clown or a trapeze artist.

By 18 I had become a professional actress, after attending the National Institute of Dramatic Art and storytelling through art and poetry were woven into my life. Lucky for me I was bilingual from the very first words I spoke. When you are raised in a country where your mother tongue is second in line you just start dreaming in two tongues.....in color of course! I had the good fortune to have seen much of the exotic world cultures at a very young age.

By the time I was a young adult I had lived in 5 countries and spoke 4 languages. Crazy when your first year French teacher at Hornsby Girls High School (Australia) asks you repeatedly how to pronounce the words on the page correctly for the class.

Or that I knew where Egypt was at 12 because I had been there........

No wonder then that through life experiences, my craft evolved into a whimsical, playful, visual story telling style on almost any surface. My passion is to layer and deepen the experience of the recipient of my work....kinda like a teaching tool. Thus, opening up one's creative lungs......breathing in and out. It has set me on a journey, especially in my Christian faith community, 'teaching' through these mediums with delightful, spiritual surprises.
For this reason, I love to paint or write or create events or settings or "stories" of custom work.

The possibilities are endless don't you think ? I'm excited to find you.....to have you find me.